5 Degrees You Should Study If You Like Technology

The technology has altered the foundations of our society in recent decades. Today, everyone has the word technology on their lips, but when defining the concept we are likely to run into some difficulty.

Technology can be described as a “set of theories and techniques that allow the practical use of scientific knowledge.”

In any case, beyond dictionaries, the objects that we usually associate most often with technological progress are computers and electronic devices. Who imagines everyday life without a mobile phone?

How would our work habits change without a computer? As we can see, technology conditions very basic aspects of our day to day, from cooking to transportation.

In fact, all these social changes have allowed the emergence of new professions linked to technology. Moreover, these are positions with a high labor insertion, since companies need to adapt quickly and innovate.

 In any case, it must be borne in mind that dedicating yourself to technology implies constantly recycling. It is a dynamic sector, constantly evolving, so knowledge can be out of date in a short time. A real encouragement not to get stuck at work!

If you want to dedicate yourself professionally to innovation and progress, start looking at engineering careers.

Engineering are the queens of the technology sector, but the wide educational offer usually generates doubts before choosing a degree. In this post, we propose 5 careers that will allow you to exploit all your technological talent.

5 degrees that you can study if you are interested in computer science and technology

1.Informatics Engineering. The degree in Computer Engineering guarantees a solid scientific and technological training, which enables both professional practice in the field of computer science and for innovation and research from that generalist and fundamental training.

2.Industrial Design and Creation of Videogames. If you are a fan of video games and would like to become a video game designer for the PlayStation 4, XBox One or Nintendo Wii U, this is the race for you! This career is in constant demand, as the world of video games is a constantly growing business

3.Scientific data (Data Scientist) Career that goes hand in hand with Big Data. With this degree you will learn to analyze and translate data and interpret this information to improve effective decision-making in a company.

4.Software Engineers Teleworking as our day-to-day reality and the need for experts in computing and digital environments has triggered the hiring of these professionals and the curve is expected to continue rising during 2021. A Software engineer has the responsibility for analyzing, designing, programming, testing and maintaining computer and software systems, always with the aim of solving possible problems that the user may experience.

5.Information Technologies (ICT). Information Technology Engineering enables professional practice in the development, implementation, operation, evaluation and maintenance of computer systems.

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