5 Diseases Caused By Holding Back Your Urine

Going to the bathroom is a physiological necessity , as is drinking water; Obviously, if our body asks us to go to the bathroom, it is because there is a need to dispose of something toxic from the body. 

The fact that urine stays in the bladder for a long time can have several consequences:

1.- The dreaded infections

We must never overlook that urine , apart from water, includes each and every one of those waste substances that the body does not need and that the kidneys have been in charge of filtering. Thus, in the bladder we will have a mixture of small remains, acidic substances and ammonia that, little by little, can damage the walls of the urinary tract and the bladder itself.

Nor can we forget that, every time we go to the bathroom, a suppression of each and every one of the bacteria present in the urethra is generated , avoiding what they migrate to other areas where they can cause the dreaded infections. What happens then when, for whatever reasons, we have no antidote to endure the urge to piss?

That these bacteria are longer in our body and, therefore, there are more possibilities that they end up attaching to the bladder or other parts causing the dreaded cystitis. Do not bear the desire! Go to the bathroom!

2.- Enlarged bladder

Generally, the bladder accepts between one hundred and fifty and two hundred and twenty ml of liquid (it depends, of course, on each person) . It is in these measures when receptors are activated that inform our brain that it is time to go to the bathroom. Then the brain activates the sensation of pain and discomfort in order for us to do so, so that we immediately go to empty the bladder.

What happens if we don’t? What happens if we don’t obey our brain? That we are going to remain seated, trying to forget “those desires” and that, as if that were not enough, we will continue taking, eating and the liquid will continue increasing in the walls of the bladder, widening it and causing us different damages. It is a dangerous thing to consider.

3.- Kidney stones

Few diseases are as horrible as kidney colic . There are people more prone than others to generate those calculations in the kidneys more, generally, the simple fact of containing the urine is a factor that can also determine its appearance.

If you are one of those people who endures with a full bladder until the moment you get home, you should know that, apart from suffering from infections, you are going to be causing small crystals to begin to settle in your kidneys, generally produced by calcium, the phosphate, ammonium and magnesium.

They are remains that install very easily in our kidneys, going from being simple crystals to genuine stones that, to remove them, cause enormous suffering.

Avoid it by drinking lots of water and going to the bathroom whenever your body needs it.

4.- Vesico-urethral reflux

The vesico-ureteral reflux is quite a serious drawback that you should know and can also occur due to incorrect habit to withstand the urge to pee. This disease occurs when the urine, instead of being expelled outside after being stored in the bladder for a time, returns to the urethra and kidneys , causing very serious infections.

As a general rule, vesico-urethral reflux has different phases that go from I to V , according to intensity, the first phase being the lightest, where the urine only reaches the ureter. However, at the moment when the reflux or urine reaches the kidney practically day after day, we would already be in phase V. It is something serious that we must assess because, apart from infections, we could also suffer injuries in the area of the kidneys. Keep that in mind!

5.- Discomfort, cramps and tiredness

Enduring the urge to piss is not just anything. It is something serious that should never become a habit. If your body sends a signal to you to go to the bathroom, it is better not to delay more than ten or fifteen minutes. In the end, our brains will stop informing us and the consequences will come.

You are going to feel your belly bloated. As if that were not enough, the accumulation of liquids and toxins contained in the bladder usually leads to chills and, later, to pelvic pain . In other words, we no longer feel “the urgency” to go to the bathroom; now we will feel more tired, slower and with certain daze. That makes it more than enough, that we drink more liquids to clear ourselves, which will further exacerbate the situation.

Experts recommend urinating at least every three to four hours , which at the end of the day translates to six or seven trips to the bathroom, so that the bladder is not straining as much.

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