5 Essential Apps For Writing Books

If you like to write, poetry or prose, novels or short stories , whatever you write if you are a dedicated writer or a beginner, or just write because you like, these applications are a great help when creating a story, also some of them allow you to share your texts and find people with the same literary interests and hobbies.

These are the best applications you can find and download so you do not miss a single idea when creativity arrives, wherever you are.

iDeas to write

iDeas to write is an application that allows you to unleash your creativity and imagination, with exercises, tips generator of first lines and titles you can not feel alone when creating. This application is available for € 1.79 and is available for iOS devices.

Story Planner

Story Planner has a simple design and operation you can plan to the smallest detail of your projects, regardless of whether it is a short story or a full volume.

All sections are well defined and will help you when you start writing. With a plus that others do not give, which is that you have access to without Internet connection, do not stop trying it. With a price of € 2.69 this app is available at the moment only for iOS devices.


Writer is compatible with all devices and it’s free! It is perfect for writing from your phone or tablet, from wherever you are. Do it in the most simple and traditional way, only with the help of some tools that will surely be useful.

The promise that the new version of Writer allows us to share via email and synchronize with Dropbox and makes us look forward to it. Of course, this application is in English.


JotterPad is another perfect application to write from poems to scripts, through stories and novels, allows you to write without distractions until your hand or imagination allows it.

This application is not available in Spanish but it is very simple and intuitive, it is also free and available for all devices.


Wattpad without a doubt one of the best ones, since it does not only allow you to write your stories, it also allows you to publish them so that everyone who has this application can read them of course.

But that ‘s not all, you can find many books of writers known as stories written by people who, like us, love literature and have decided to write, plus all this for free.

Compatible with all the devices and waiting for you to start enjoying it both for writing and for reading, come on, it has everything.

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