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5 Fatal Consequences Of Lack Of Love In A Couple

It takes more than love to have a happy couple, that’s true. It requires communication, respect, empathy, love and understanding, among many other things. But if it is the only thing that keeps the couple alive, it is a basic ingredient that cannot be missed at any time.

Look at the consequences of being in a couple without love.

  1. Inertia for lack of love

There is no love, but there is a habit. It is what is called a couple by inertia, two people who remain together without being very clear about the reasons. It is not about love, but about the force of habit. We are facing the least bad of the consequences of the lack of love in the couple, but of course it is not the ideal situation.

  1. Unhappiness due to lack of love

The absence of love in a couple translates into vital dissatisfaction and, therefore, unhappiness. You do not have to be fatal or you have many arguments out of tune to notice that feeling of sentimental frustration and sadness. Something is wrong, right? And it’s that love is missing.

  1. Lack of communication without love

If there is no love in a relationship, there is no interest either. There is no interest in striving for the couple to move forward, there is no interest in resolving the differences and there is no interest in maintaining communication. How many pairs of authentic strangers do you have around you?

  1. Lack of vitality due to lack of love

A certain impulse is needed to live with desire. Some motivation is needed. And it is true that you should not leave all your vital illusions in the hands of love, but when you stay in a couple in which there is no love, the illusion is wearing out and affecting all areas of life. A couple without love is the worst enemy of a full life.

  1. Lack of respect for lack of love

Not always and depends on how each person is, but the lack of love favors the presence of one of the worst enemies of relationships and self-esteem: lack of respect. When there is no love, when you are not interested in the welfare of the other person, it is easier for the lack of respect to make its appearance, especially if you are living together.



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