5 Female Celebs Who Own More Than 5 Speed Machines In Kenya

Female celebs in Kenya are giving male celebs a reason to worry nd change their games at the rate at which they are buying cars.

They are not only satisfied with one simple car, but have gone ahead and changed the rules of the game for the girls with sleek machines.

Here are Kenyan girls who own more than five posh cars


Being one of Kenya’s top rich musicians and a successful business woman, footing a car that is worth Ksh. 20 million is a walk in the park.

Here is a list of her most expensive fleet.

1.Silver Mercedes-Benz SLS McLaren

The costs abouth Ksh. 20 million with a top speed of 217 mph

The famed one of the most luxurious cars in the world can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds

2.Range Rover Overfinch

She is also a proud mother of a very sleek Range Rover Overfinch

The Range Rover Overfinch is powered by a 3.6 liter V8 diesel engine. It has safety features like airbags and electronic crash prevention aids.

The car costs more than Ksh. 10 million

3.Toyota land cruiser

One of the most famed politician’s car worth Ksh. 15 million is also found in Akothee’s garage.

It features a white exterior and is a gas hog. 

4.Toyota Prado

Her Toyota Prado is black in colour and features top designs such as  leather seats and a powerful 5 liter V8 engine

5.Tour Land Cruiser

She owns atleast 5 tour land cruisers which she uses in her business named Akothee Safaris.

The wild beasts are usually called upon during international and domestic tourists

Each tour land cruiser costs about Ksh. 4 million

6.Ferrari Spiderh

She is also a proud owner of a black Ferrari Spiderh.

The car is famed for its black leather interior and red exterior.

It is among the most expensive cars in the world.

7.Rolls Royce Phantom

Talk about class, speed and luxury. Then this is just a Phantom from Rolls Royce.

Akothee has allowed this car to satisfy her ambition to own deluxe cars

8.Toyota Hilux

Back in 2015, this car costed Akothee just 5 million.

This is probably the cheapest car in her yard


She owns a very expensive Limo made from German by Audi

The plate of the limo is customed to her name

10. Sleek Audi Car

This is another type of car made in Germany that largely commands speed and time.

It is also luxury and a top beast on the planet

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyalo is a presenter of a unique caliber, she recently worked for the K24 as a news anchor. Her beauty, confidence and command of language is adorable.

Just like any other celebrity, Kyalo’s journey to success has not been a walk in the park. She has had ups and downs.

Speed machines Betty Kyallo has driven

1.White Porsche Cayenne

After quiting K24 in late May 2020, Betty Kyallo posted photos of a brand new Porsceh Cayenne valued at about 10 million in Kenyan market.

The new car is just another jewel of automobile industry in her expensive garage

2.Black Porsche Cayenne.

Back in 2017 while still working with KTN news, Betty Kyallo used to drive another expensive toy known of the same make but now in black.

The car which could be seen parked at Standard Group offices along Mombasa road, belong to Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

The car was however taken back after a fall out with Governor Joho

3. BMW X6

Again, Betty was also frastrated when Joho also went ahead and took over another sleek car she was driving, a black BMW.

It is believed that Joho had gifted her with two cars before she was left in great anger after love gone sore.

4. Renault

Kyalo’s garage also features a Renault Megane, a sedan of 2017 which costs $32,000. It actually costs 3,200,000 before the imposition of duty.

5. BMW X1

Betty Kyalo also possess a BMW X1 2017. The machine comes in chocolate color. The 2017 model is all new compared to 2015 and 2016 model.

The car has been redesigned and the car now has front drive along with 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Lilian Muli

Lilian Muli , who is married to local tycoon Jared Nevaton is no doubt one of the most successful female anchors in Kenya

Having spent close to a decade in TV industry, Lilian Muli today pockets something around one million or atleast more that.

Lilian is a mother of two kids, his eldest son was a product of his last failed marriage with another tycoon Moses Kanene

Mercedes Benz – 3.5 Million

She was first seen publicly with this 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe in 2017.

Lilian Muli never shied away from flossing with this car anywhere she went, including on her social media status

Range Rover Sport

Lilian Muli’s probably first expensive car was a Range Rover Sport.

A car she was several seen with around the 2010s.

2017 Land Rover SV

This car costed her about 18 million in Kenyan currency .

She first advertised it on her Instagram fans around 2017.

And her fans could not hide their joy over her appetite for big cars


In 2015, she escaped unhurt around Kileleshwa, Nairobi when she made an accident with her audi car.

The Audi car was badly damaged.

Lilian Muli is also an owner of unidentified brand of the car she has not publicly disclosed

Kathy Kiuna

When it comes to flashy cars and expensive wheels, Rev. Kathy Kiuna is a great fanatic.

Throughout her successful years, the woman of God has continued to gift her self with luxury cars

Check out her cool rides below

Toyota Prado

Range Rover

Mercedes Benz


Nairobi city flashy pastor Reverend Lucy Natasha, has a fleet of seven pretty cars hot as her self. To gaurd them, she has a security detail that would rival that of a top politician in Kenya.

The founder of Glory Ministries International has spoken on national and international fora thanks to her great oratory and grasp of motivational and inspiration knowledge.

Below are some quick facts about Natasha

  1. She was raised by a single mother after divorce at young age. She has two siblings a sister named Shiphra and a brother named Shafique
  2. She rose to her self proclaimed prophetess title when a preach prophesied and pointed at her before she rose to the throne. Then she was barely 10 years little girl
  3. She grew up in Nairobi’s Huruma estate and schooled in Umoja before furthering her studies in South Africa
  4. She was ordained into ministry in 2011 at Huruma’s Redeemed Gospel Church
  5. Lucy is still single and believes in God’s right time

Check out fleet of her cars

Her motorcade has been given a code name with initials of ‘Óracle’. Her cars have been numbered from Oracle 1 to Oracle 7

Most of her cars are fitted with ambulance sirens and security flash lights at their noses which are reserved for majorly VVIP and ambassadors

Toyota V8

Toyota Harrier

Mercedes Benz

Toyota Fortuner

Range Rover

Vera Sidika

Such a successful Kenyan socialite, she is not left behind when it comes to driving expensive rides

She also owns a fleet of fuel guzzlers as shown below

Black Rover

White Rover

White Benz

Black Benz


Huddah Monroe

Here are sleek cars Monroe rides

Range Rover

Pink Range Rover

Silver Rover

Rolls Royce


Black Royce

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