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5 Financial Nuggets If You Have Zero Debt

If in your financial horizon you do not have debts that overwhelm you, it is time to make good use of resources at the end of the year.

Here are 5 options:

1.Smart spending.

Although it seems that they are destined to fund lost, to allocate resources to repairs of the home or to course to improve our work skills are a good long-term investment that can be paid with the bonus.

  1. Winning formula.

A strategy for those who do not have outstanding financial but seek to have peace of mind in the future is a formula that allows you to enjoy and save. 30 percent to pay debts, 30 to save, 30 to enjoy with family and the rest for personal expenses.

  1. Invest in children.

There are financial products for minors that will help to create good habits from childhood or adolescence.

There are products that offer banking services to kids and do not charge commissions, which seeks to create the habit of saving for both children and their parents

  1. Scheduled savings.

If you deposit your bonus in your payroll account, end of the year is a good time to program the savings.

  1. Investment funds.

For those who are more careful in planning, dedicate most of the bonus to the investment through funds or Other instruments available in the market may be the long-term solution.

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