5 Foods That Damage Your Face

To have a radiant and youthful face, we must be careful with the beauty products we use, not have bad habits and above all take a good diet.

Eating healthily not only prevents overweight or chronic diseases, but helps our face look without wrinkles or imperfections.

Many of the dermatological problems have to do with the food of certain foods, so if you want a healthy face, the amount of the following five foods begins to decrease. It’s for your good!


To consume it in excess causes that the skin acquires to grayish tone, to thinning of the dermis, pustulosas spots with pain, greater flaccidness in the lower zone of the eyes and wrinkles in the forehead.

In the same way the elasticity of the skin is reduced in addition to the fact that the sugar is harmful to your whole organism.


Abusing gluten, which is commonly found in bread, favors the appearance of dark spots on the chin or reproductive organs.

If you already have it, only increase your fiber and water intake. You will see that in a short time you will recover the balance of your skin.


It only occurs in those who are lactose intolerant. Failure to consume delaminated products can cause swelling of the chin, small white spots, dark circles under the eyes and swollen eyelids. There may also be pimples on the chins.


Fats are related to blood sugar problems because they increase the level of fat in the blood. In the end, the pores will clog and make the face look dull and lifeless.


Drinking coffee is not bad, you just have to take care of the amount consumed.

It is recommended two cups per day or otherwise, you can suffer symptoms similar to stress that have various effects on the skin.

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