5 Free Courses To Learn To Invest

The coronavirus pandemic brought with it a wave of volatility in the stock market, leaving many wondering if this is a good time to invest. Others wonder if they should adjust their existing portfolios amid this economic downturn. If you feel identified and think you may need a little more knowledge before making any decisions, an online investment course can help you learn the basics.

A CNBC Make It article compiled five free courses to help you better understand how the stock market works, what a stockbroker is, what a stock is, why multiple companies go public, and more. The requirements are: having a good level of English and having the time and desire to learn.

An Introduction to Investing

If you want to learn the fundamentals of investing, including everything from what a bond is to how you should allocate your investments, check out “BUS-123: Introduction to Investing,” taught by Frank Paiano, professor emeritus at the School of Business and Technology at Southwestern Community College in Chula Vista, California. The course consists of 43 classes, each one lasting between 13 minutes and more than an hour.

Stock Market Course for Beginners” by

The “Investing 101: Stock Market for Beginners” course from Stock Market 101 is a good option for those who have no previous investment experience.

This course, consisting of 10 reading chapters, begins by teaching students the definition of a stock, an ETF, a mutual fund, a bond, and more. In the later chapters, he goes into greater detail, teaching students about “hot topics in the market” and explaining why stock markets move.

Understanding the Stock Market” by Skillshare

The course “Investing 101: Understanding the Stock Market”, offered through the Skillshare online learning platform, is for anyone who wants to learn more about how stock exchanges work securities, such as the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange. Guides students through what a stockbroker is, what a stock is, why various companies are publicly traded, what an exchange-traded fund (ETF) is, and more.

“Investing Masterclass” by Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple, an online investment management service, created its “Investing Masterclass” as a way to teach people to invest without all the jargon you often hear when learning about finance.

This course, which is made up of 10 short videos, takes less than 45 minutes to complete. Each video covers a different topic, including how the stock market works, top investment philosophies such as passive investing, the benefits of automating your finances, and what is socially responsible investing.

“Basic Investing for Millennials” by Skillshare

“Basic Investing for Millennials” by Skillshare is designed to help guide young people, in particular, through investing.

This course is designed to encourage young people who may be afraid (or unsure) to invest, to feel more secure in the process. The class explains the power of compound interest, diversification proper, historic stock market returns, and how investing is critical to keeping pace with inflation.

Also, the course is short: it only takes 16 minutes to complete. There are five different classes, each lasting six minutes or less.

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