5 Funny Ways Nairobi Estates Got Their Names

So you have been wondering why OTC got its name, here are funny ways some of the Nairobi’s estates got to be named for.

1. Roysambu (Royal Suburbs) 

It was known as Royal Suburbs in colonial times. Which then was shortened to Roy-Sabu, to what is now know as Roysambu.


2. Kariakor(Carrier Corps)

During the first World War Kenyan soldiers were known as The Carrier Corps owing to their role as British army luggage carriers. So the name heavily influenced by locals came to be known as Kariakor.


3. Donholm

Previously a dairy farm and owned by J.K Watson, the name originated from the owners own home back in Glasgow known as ‘Donholm Estate’


4. Kibra

Kibra is a name that originates from the Nubian tribe to mean ‘forest’. The area acquired its name by virtue of its initial proximity to the Ngong forest.

Kibera, Kenya. 6 July 2011 A train slows down as it passes through the slum. The Uganda Railway Line - built at the time of the British colonial rule and known locally as 'The Lunatic Express' - passes through the centre of Kibera. Shacks are tightly packed together and the railway is the main thoroughfare for the slum residents, who often walk along the rails. There is a railway station in Kibera, though trains don't stop but keep moving at a slow pace to let people hop on and off.

5. Zimmerman

Tim Zimmermann was a German taxidermist (the art of stuffing and mounting the skins of dead animals in lifelike form) who had followed the trail of big game hunters to east Africa, the largest big game attraction in the world. The area is still known as Zimmerman.


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