5 Future Digital Skills You Should Study Today

Digital competences are also the knowledge of the sources of knowledge and resources, knowing how to manage information prioritizing, discriminating, categorizing, etc., knowing how to relate in the digital environment, analyzing, evaluating the potential of digital tools and resources and finally knowing how to apply them in your day-to-day to improve efficiency in your workplace.

 Digital competence in itself is the concern or curiosity of being up to date and testing new things, knowing what technology we have in each area and how to apply it to improve a process or task.

The attitude of continuous learning (autonomously or not) in the digital field is a fundamental digital competence to develop other digital skills.

Digital skills offer a new world full of possibilities, where everything seems possible.

The trend is that the (current) labor market demands more and more jobs related to new technologies and digital skills.

It is important to know how to take advantage of technology and digital resources available in any environment where they may have a useful application.

Important Tools in the Domain of Digital Skills

It is not enough to know the Microsoft Office package. Find out what digital skills are really needed to be hired. Having digital skills can help you get the desired position in the company. Then find out which are the five digital skills that companies are really looking for:

1. Social networks

Social networks are here to stay. The important thing is that you know how the presence of corporations should be on each platform to reach the expected audiences as efficiently as possible.

2. Video

Video skills are not limited to YouTube alone. You must be able to communicate globally on platforms like Skype.

3. Softwares

It is not necessary to familiarize yourself with specific software, but to have an ease and speed to understand and use the program adopted by companies.

4. HTML language

 HTML language is a code used to create and modify content on websites. Applicants who are familiar with this language will certainly be valued by employers.

5. SEO

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization in English, and is a series of techniques used by corporations so that their websites gain greater visibility in search engines like Google.


  • Learn to Master Digital Marketing
  • Adapt quickly to changes
  • Surround yourself with other great professionals
  • Having an “obsession” with goals
  • Adopt the power of storytelling
  • Pay attention to quantitative and qualitative data
  • Digital skills necessary for success in conducting Online Courses

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