5 Bad Habits Which Are Making Your Boobs ‘Hang’

Although the fall of the breasts is natural and normal (all will happen to ladies), due to factors such as breastfeeding or aging, there are others that you cannot even imagine affecting your boobs as a lady.

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The good news is that if you identify these daily habits, you can avoid them and help your girls stay in their place for longer.

Win and lose weight constantly

Especially if it is to gain and lose more than 13 kilos constantly, those radical changes of weight can have a dent in your breasts, because every time you gain and lose weight, the breast tissue becomes more loose.


As you probably know, smoking weakens and ages the skin, as it decreases the blood supply to the surface of the skin.

If quitting has been your purpose for some time, here is one more reason to do it.

Do not use sunscreen

Just as exposing your face to UV rays causes the sun to also age and cause premature wrinkles, the same effect occurs with the fall of the breasts spreading the collagen and damaging the skin.

Use a bra that does not have enough support

Not having the proper support is a great reason for the fall, so it is very important that you use the right size and that it suits your shape.

High impact training

The more your boobs bounce, the more stressed the skin of the chest and collagen.

Although there is still little research on this, those that exist point out that the repetitive movements that occur when you run or have a similar training can cause the decomposition of the mammary collagen.



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