5 Healthy Reasons You Should Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Before you take a carbonated drink, say a soda, it all begins with a hunger or crave, a nudge then a lust of thirst to gulp it down your esophagus.

It is good to cool down your hunger and anger to your thirst, but what else does it cost you after taking these carbonated drinks

Below are life sacking processes that happen immediately you take the carbonated soda.

1.Phosphoric acid which is popularly used to remove rust, attacks your enamel. Phosphoric acid usually gives these drinks a fizz sound. This happens in the first 5 minutes of the drinks

2.Over 9 teaspoons of sugar is taken into your body system within the next 10 minutes. For men only 9 teaspoons are recommended while women should take 6 of the same.

3. Twenty minutes on, these sugars are busted in the bloodstream, the body reacts to give back globules as a result storing the sugars into the arteries and liver. For the arteries, your are not safe from heart attack again

4.After 40 minutes, the blood pressure rises and the pupils tend to dilute, this is caused by caffeine absorbed

5.For the next 45 minutes or so, the soda takes a drug course by activating your brain just like other drugs do. This is due to the production of dopamine in the brain which activates pleasure centres



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