5 Kenyan Celebs Who Have Bought Most Expensive Cars In 2020

As the rest of Kenyans fight with the tough financial times brought about by COVID-19 pandemic, some of Kenyan celebs have barely felt nothing.

They have demonstrated this by buying expensive luxury cars which costed them as much as Ksh.10 million.

Have a look at Kenyans who are just lucky during this COVID-19.

Otile Brown – BMW 7 Series : 6 Million

After releasing his album, Otile Brown gifted himself with a brand new BMW 7 Series from Car City.

Even though he did not disclose the prize, the car is valued around 1.2 million for used cars and brand new should attract atleast 6 million in Ksh.

Here are some of the elusive pics of his car

Betty Kyallo – Porsche Cayenne : 10 Million

Days after living K24 News on grounds of closer, Betty Kyallo is not letting the situation steal happiness from her face and life.

The 31 year old news cast has expanded her beauty hub, and bought her self an expensive metal worth 10 million : brand new Porsche Cayenne model

The Mother to baby Ivanna has been flaunting the expensive car on her wall.

The ex wife to Dennis Okari also launched a You Tube channel to continue uplifting her journalism career

Check the photos below

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Gotta move different if you want different! Another One is home! This time White❤️ #LikeABoss

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Sunsets in my motherland feel like this🇰🇪

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Jalang’o wife Amina Chao : Range Rover ; 4 Million

After being exposed by Vlogger Obare Edgar, radio host who was trying to come to terms with the shocking news has moved fast and apologised to wife Amina Chao in a Luo way.

It is believed that Jalangó bought his recently wed wife a brand new car, Ranger Rover.

The news has however not been confirmed by Jalang’o

Comedian YY : Prado worth 5 Million

Comedian YY did indeed put some butterflies in the stomachs of some of his followers and haters on social media.

First he claimed that no artist in Kenya owed their fans any kind of artist material, and went ahead to insist that the just do a favor to entertain Kenyans.

“No Actor, No Actress, No comedian, Musician owes You anything… They don’t owe you entertainment and We Do not owe you jokes.. ” YY

pic.twitter.com/2NWuxqpfaK— BRAVIN YURI (@BravinYuri) April 15, 2020

Next, he flaunted his newly bought black Toyota Prado from Nairobi’s Dinga World motor shop.

While flaunting it, he claimed that it is hard work that garantees someone such kind of huge success.

Sentiments that did not go down so well with some of his followers

Actress Kate: BMW worth 6 Million

Just few days after she delivered a bouncing baby in early 2020 January, actress Kate was the newest BMW driver in town.

Her husband Philip Karanja could not wait to gift her with one of the most expensive wheels as soon as she gave him his first born

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