5 Most Effective Anti-Theft Systems For Cars

Are you worried about parking your car and not seeing it again? Installing an anti-theft system in the car gives you the peace of mind to protect your vehicle against the action of possible thieves.

If you are thinking of buying one, we explain the most effective you can find in the market.

1.Car anti-theft systems

It is important to note that all anti-theft systems that you can install in your car, have the dual function of scaring a possible thief and, in addition, block the possible movement of the vehicle by anyone other than the owner.

Although all meet these objectives, not all have the same characteristics. It is worth knowing their differences before opting for one or the other.

1.Anti-theft with GPS

They are one of the most modern anti-theft devices for cars that can be found in the market. They are based on a detector that works by tracking radio frequencies, so that in a short time you can find the stolen vehicle.

In addition to locating the car, this anti-theft system has also in many models an alarm that will alert you if you have left to specific geographical area.

2.Mechanical immobilizers

We refer to the traditional lever that is placed to engage the pedal and the steering wheel. It has a key that you will only keep, so no one can open it in principle.

The truth is that it is a method already overcomed by some thieves, who know how to open them.

The model that catches the pedals is a bit more expensive, but you have the advantage that it can be removed and put on quickly.

Currently, this system is used more as a warning that the car has more than one anti-theft system.

3.Electronic immobilizer

It is an evolution of the previous one, since it has a similar functioning. The main difference is that it includes a code that, if not entered correctly, blocks the system automatically. Therefore, it is a little more effective.

4.Anti-theft alarm

If you try to steal the car, it will make an unpleasant and striking sound, which will alert everyone. Usually, it is integrated into the remote control, but it is easier to use.

5.GPS trackers

If you install one, it will help you to know where your car is if it is stolen. In fact, it will send you the coordinates by SMS of where it is.

A trick? Put it in a discreet place that nobody knows. It will also tell you if the car is going faster than the account. The success rate of this device is more than 95%.

All these car anti-theft systems are a good help to ensure the integrity of your vehicle to the greatest possible extent.

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