5 Reasons Your Car Dies If Left In Parking Lots For Long

The moment you ignite your car and drive off the dealer’s garage, your car begins to plunge into depreciation process.

It is so ironical that not driving your car and letting it sleep in the parking lot would rather kill your car so fast.

Here are 5 deadly processes that can easily kill your car if you leave it in parking for long

  1. The battery begins to die out of life
  2. The fuel become more stale
  3. Tires begin to lose round shape and become loose
  4. Paint faint and rust takes over
  5. It also  invites critters to turn it into their own condo

One should regularly drive it to get the fuel flowing and battery recharged or just prepare the car to go into slumber.

The car should also be driven for longer distances to allow the mechanism processes to adopt into the system. The car should never drive on short trips that one can walk. The engine needs to warm enough.

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