5 Reasons Not To Buy A Black Car

A black car is better known for its mysterious and badass character, besides it is very cool.

But everything comes with its cost.

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of buying a black car.

Impossible to keep it clean

One thing about black is that it attracts and hold long on dirt .

Rain mud and flashes sticks on the cars body like another lap of hell.

Swirls are not good on black cars

Swirls are all bound to be on all cars, but their effect gets magnified and big enough on cars that are black.

Not lasting

Among all colours, black is the worst when it comes to fading off, worst of it, it announces its fading process

Getting hot

Black colour attracts heat because black colour reflects less heat.

Be ready to feel the heat inside and outside

Poor visibility

During the day, it is hard to spot a black car among the rest especially on black roads, while at night it is totally impossible to see black cars without the lights on

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