5 Reasons Why Happy Couples Get Fat

Food is not the right way to deal with your emotions, it is the way to calm your hunger, to nourish you and in some cases, why not? to live.

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On the Valentine’s Day, how many times have you heard that love is getting fatter and then you start to fear the romantic dinner of the Day of Love.

It is a popular phrase that describes the reality of many couples.

Beyond obesity and overweight; clinical conditions or nutritional value (calories), we seem to forget the social, cultural and psychological factors that also have to do with our diet.

According to a study by the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO), conducted with 2314 people of whom the majority were women (99%), life together produces a weight gain of approximately 4.5 kg.

In the case of men, the maximum weight that can be achieved according to this study is 7.5 kg while women can increase up to 10 kg.

Women with partners have an average of 10 kg more than single women, according to the researchers.

On the other hand, a research from the University of Dallas, revealed that another important factor for weight gain in couples.

If we think about it, in the strict sense, falling in love has nothing to do with gaining weight; It would be an emotional factor involved and that has to do with the way we relate to food.

So, what would be the factors to distinguish in the couple relationship that may be involved with weight gain ?, here the most common:


  1. Intense infatuation. If you are one of those who give everything for a love and live overflowing emotions, this can change your relationship with food, feeling happy can lead you to make more meal times;

Maybe you already ate and want to accompany your partner with something else …


  1. Leave the gym. Maybe before you had a time to do activities just for you, for example exercise, this does not mean you can not share this pleasure;

It means that you can incorporate your partner to your tastes and healthy habits, nothing better than to get you an ally in your healthy goals.

  1. Commitments. You will meet your family and friends; Celebrations will be the order of the day and you will eat more than you would “normally” eat.
  2. Affection. Many people see food as the best option to demonstrate their feelings and emotions; after all cooking is also a language.
  3. Pregnancy. This moment is a step that many relationships decide to give and it is inevitable to gain body weight in women and if they are shared cravings, both members of the couple will see changes in their weight.

The best advice is to have a better relationship with your food; A healthy relationship with you is a healthy relationship with others and also a healthy relationship with what you eat.

Food is not the right way to deal with your emotions, it is the way to calm your hunger, to nourish you and in some cases, why not? to live.

Remember that it is not to lose yourself from coexistence or love, or to think that love makes you fat;

It is about keeping balance in your diet: quality and quantity at the right times.

Go out with your partner, plan your meals, the purchases, maybe later a child will come to your life who will thank you for transmitting healthy eating habits.

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