5 Reasons Why You’ll Feel More Confident Wearing A Menstrual Bikini

The taboos around menstruation should be left behind and starting to normalize it is everyone’s job. The menstrual bikini is the new bet to make these days more friendly.

Every month women go through the days of bleeding s and more than one go through the anxiety generated by coordinating a vacation that does not coincide with the rule

On many occasions we have been forced to cancel some plans for beach or pool for fear of being exposed.

5 reasons to wear a menstrual bikini

Although there are many types of protections for these days, more and more girls are opting for menstrual bikinis to feel comfortable and not run out of beach days this summer.

We leave you five powerful reasons to have one of these pieces:


Ideal for irregular periods

Some women have irregular periods so they do not have an exact date of arrival of the bleeding, or even, there are those who think that they have already gone and unexpected lows occur.

The menstrual bikini will make you feel safe and protected if you are one of them.

Absorbs more than a tampon

Some bikinis can absorb the equivalent of a maximum of 2 tampons, meaning that they are recommended for light to moderate flows.

You can bathe and sunbathe whenever you want

Due to the different layers they have, you will be able to feel sure that they will not have any odor and you will be dry at all times. .

They are waterproof, there will be no leakage

The last layer with which they are designed are waterproof so you will not have any unwanted leakage. They also have different seams.

They are not uncomfortable like towels

Unlike sanitary pads and tampons, you will not suffer any irritation or discomfort at the time of use.

If the flow is not very abundant, you can bathe several times a day, without any problem.

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