5 Remedies To Help Your Body From Hurting After Exercising

You wake up the day after exercising and practically cannot move; But why does the body hurt after exercising?

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It is a very peculiar pain, you cannot even see muscles in your body that, perhaps, you did not know. The discomfort is tolerable but it can affect your daily activities.

A study published by The George Institute for Global Health Sydney, Australia, reveals that the body hurts after exercising because of the effort that is made in the muscles in physical activity.

This pain is known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle pain).

The muscles contract when exercising and this causes that hours later or the next day, the body hurts. It even generates a feeling of rigidity and the last thing we want is to move.

How to highlight pain after exercising?

The pain in the body after exercise is unavoidable, as long as you’ve done your routine; You could say that it is a sign that indicates that you did your work well in the gym.

However, you do not necessarily have to put up with the pain, for this, he recommends:


This medicine is one of the most powerful analgesics to relief muscle pain. If you take it just before going to sleep, you will wake up without pain.


It contains analgesic properties and reduces muscle pain; Although it is regularly used to relief headaches, it is also recommended to consume it for pain after exercise.

Ginger tea

This tubercle is characterized by being a natural desinflamatory, it helps reduces muscle contracture and relieves pain; even, some experts recommend it for joint problems.

Cold hot

It is a therapy that is used for injuries to muscles and joints. Deflates and reduces discomfort.

You must apply the cold first. Place a little ice in a cloth or plastic bag and keep it for 10 minutes, then apply to towel with warm water for 10 more minutes.


Even though it’s the last thing you want, believe it or not, exercising can help reduce pain after exercising.

The muscles must be activated to get used to the exercise. When you really make exercise a habit in your life, this pain from exercise will fade away.




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