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5 Sexual Addictions Every Man Faces

Speaking of sex addicts refers to compulsive sexual behavior , also called hypersexual disorder , which can systematically destroy a person’s life, just as addiction to alcohol or drugs can .

Demographics are changing: “Before, it used to be men between 40 and 50 years of age who were seeking treatment, now there are more women, adolescents and older adults

Most common sexual addictions in men

1. Pornography.

Use and abuse of pornography , through applications for smartphones, movies and videos. Constant exposure to pornography can trigger addiction in highly susceptible people

2. Sex with prostitutes or homosexuals.

Due to the denial of certain women to have sex at all hours, some therapists point out that there are many heterosexual men who choose to have relationships with homosexuals.

3. Compulsive masturbation.

According to psychologists and sexologists who collaborates with the, one of the ways in which she constantly fantasizes about erotic situations is with self-gratification or excessive masturbation , at all times and in all places.

4. Exhibitionism and voyeurism.

 Experts say that the massive use of social networks and unbridled exhibition lead to “extimacy”, that is, the will to make public the privacy or the pleasure of being seen by strangers even in the most private moments. Experts affirm that it is a hobby more masculine than feminine: almost 90% of those who connect are men.

5. Collective sex.

 Men are usually the ones who most request to introduce third parties into their sexual lives ( sexual threesome ) . Men have been shown to get more aroused by changing people in relationships.

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