5 Signs Of A Great Writer

As I tell everyone that I meet, writing is a calling just like the clergy. You can try to hide it, be confused about it and some people may discourage you. But, a passion in writing manifests itself way before you can even detect it. If you are fresh from high school and you are not sure if writing is your thing, here are signs that you are a born writer and that you can be great at it.

5 Signs That You Can Make A Great Writer

It was a childhood passion

Believe me when I tell you that children know what they want to be when they grow up even if they cannot clearly express it. Therefore, if you loved writing as a child and you could not wait to put down your imagination on paper, then a career in writing might just be the thing for you.

Figuring out a movies’ plot

Have you constantly found yourself predicting what is next for a certain movie that you are watching? Do you find it quite easy to solve the mystery on who the killer was in a thriller movie? If yes, then you are a born screenwriter and just do not know it yet. This is because; writers seem to have something extra in them that make them think differently from the others.

Reading is your hobby

Do you find yourself always reading a book whether it’s a hand book or an e-book? Do you love to read other people’s writing and find yourself wishing that you could have added something to the story or you could have twisted a certain part of the story? Then I think a career in writing is for you.

You are a story teller

Are you always the story teller whenever you are with your family and friends? Do they enjoy your stories that you can make them get late to an event because you were telling them something? Do children love it when you are telling them stories? And do you prefer telling them a story that you just made up instead of reading from a story book? Then truth be told, writing is your career. Children have a tendency of spotting great writers.

Always trying to know the meaning of a word

Writers are wordsmiths. Whenever they see a new word, they just have to write it down and find out the meaning of that word. And the best part is that a born writer can be able to discern the meaning of a word by reading it in a sentence.

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