4 Ways To Make Money In Campus

The word ‘broke’ is the most common word to hear from any college student’s mouth. Note that I am not talking about breaking up with a loved one but rather the financial status. All Kenyan Students come from different backgrounds and some are determined to get that degree/diploma that they so desire. However, financial constraints are bound to happen and that where they have to live by their means and wits. Here are ways Kenyan students survive in campus despite the financial constraints.

3 Ways To Survive In Campus When Broke

Applying for a HELB

If you are a Kenyan student, then the word HELB is like music to your ears. This is the higher education loans that students are given each academic year. The money is sweet and it saves many students’ exams, living and not to mention relationships. Despite being poor, you can survive on the loan which you can even pay your school fees with if you are smart enough.

Buy your shopping in bulk

When I mention the word shopping, note that I am talking of all the things the student will require using while in school. This includes the food stuff as well. In some Kenyan universities, a student finds him/herself living outside the school premises where he/she is forced to cook for him/herself since the restaurants are quite expensive. Therefore, for a smart student, it is wise to buy everything in bulk and this will ensure that you get discount and also you will have sorted yourself for the long term.

Live by your means

My granny used to tell me to ‘scratch myself where I can reach’. I never understood what she meant until I got into campus and discovered that she was preparing me for the life ahead. This meant that I should live by my own means not striving to live like other people and to always be contented. What makes many students even drop out of school is that they tend to try to be like their ‘Bill Gate’ friends and end up spending the little they had.

Be an entrepreneur

The fact that you have managed to get into a collage/university means that you are very smart upstairs. Therefore, you can start a business in the campus premises (After the school’s permission if it involves a setup of course). It does not also have to be outside but you can also be a freelance writer and make ends meet. It’s all about thinking outside the box.

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