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5 Signs Of Love At First Sight

The hormone called oxytocin is what we secrete when we feel a great emotion, it is what makes us exalt, makes us sensitive and simply makes us confuse and want more of that that moves us, love at first sight has a lot of oxytocin and you can identify others from these points.


Simply the wave you saw and said is perfect, it’s like handmade, its captive appearance, if its dress, hairstyle, everything in itself captivates you, you would not change anything, usually the love at first sight of catch in the first few minutes and it’s an image in your mind that is difficult to remember and everything that moment when you met him.


And if the nerve invaded you, your mind was blocked and you did not know what to say when they presented you, this part makes you make mistakes that you become ashamed, because when the nerves invades us we tend to take off the mind of our actions and doing things that you would not do in your five senses, you feel like making a conversation but you do not want to spoil the moment, he or she made you tremble with emotion.


This is a natural reaction when emotion invades us, comes nervousness and therefore body sweating, our face flushes and may even get wet with sweat, you feel warm to be in front of that person.


The face is a real sample of what happens inside, without saying a word this can show feelings of sadness but also of happiness, remember that person and simply smile, you get lost in your thoughts and there is no feeling than happiness.


One thing is to remember and another is that look of love that you give when you see it again, with this person imagine everything.


It’s love at first sight and only a moment was enough to see in him or her your ideal partner, the father or mother of your children, you imagine them with their skin color, their hair, combine surnames and It’s just perfect for you, you would get married if I asked you in that moment.


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