5 Signs That Indicate A Possible Ascent

After spending two or three years working for the same company, it is normal to expect to receive some type of recognition, be it monetary or hierarchical, or even both.

When this does not happen, we usually feel quite frustrated because we feel that our efforts went unnoticed.

But beware! Giving up hastily in anger can bring you great regret in the future.

Before committing any imprudence, pay attention to these 5 signs that indicate a possible ascent

They ask you for performance evaluations

Although this request may generate some fear, who want to evaluate your performance if not necessarily bad.

On the contrary, when you are being considered for a position of greater responsibility, it is natural that you need some type of evidence to justify your candidacy.

You are entrusted with a task or special project

They may also put you at the head of a task or special project to assess your skills, as well as your ability to lead a team.

If this happens, take the opportunity to demonstrate your best virtues and professional skills.

They invite you to new meetings

Suddenly you are invited to participate in meetings that you have never attended before. In addition, your opinion is constantly asked and taken into account.

Your boss is being promoted

Another clear signal is if they were to promote your direct boss to a position of more responsibility.

There you must surely consider someone else to take your place, and who knows, the ideal candidate can become you.

They offer you more training

A new role brings new responsibilities, and therefore, it is almost always essential to learn new things.

In this sense, you can be invited to participate in more training instances: courses, workshops, seminars, etc.



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