5 Things You Should Know Before Looking For Work For The First Time

Entering the labor market for the first time is a challenge. If you have just graduated or you are a university student that wants to acquire experience before your degree, you are sure to start this exciting path.

Although it is known that we live in a highly competitive world, you must have enough confidence in your skills to know that there is a place for you.

To help you in this adventure, we tell you the 5 things you should know before looking for work for the first time.

Having patience is key

Good opportunities do not come overnight. If you do not get work right away, this has nothing to do with your skills or professional value.

It is estimated that a job search can take up to 6 months on average. Be consistent and do not give up!

Your search has to be focused

For it to pay off, your search must be focused.

In other words, you have to be clear about what you want. What would you like to work on? Are you attracted to a particular professional area?

With what kind of companies do you feel that you identify more?

The specialized profiles are the most sought after

Once you have all this defined, you should start working on your resume and general presentation. In this sense, you must be clear that the current labor market demands increasingly specialized professional profiles.

Internet is your main ally

Social networks like LinkedIn and specialized portals like job search engines will be your fundamental allies, both during the job search, and throughout the development of your professional career.

Creating a personal brand is essential

Following the previous point, the image that you project in any online platform can play very for or very against.

The experts in human resources talk about the creation of a personal brand. 86% of the staff recruiters consult the profiles of the candidates in their social networks, so be careful with what you publish!



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