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5 Times Betty Kyallo Has Shown Food Is Her Bae

Betty Kyallo is one of the top celeb twitter users. Besides she is just cute and adorable for may eyes.

She has a twitter following of 471K and another large following on Instagram .

Besides her tough work and constant marriage wrangles, Betty has managed to put smiles on her facem shades on her eyes and a well designed cap on her head  her face whenever she is required to do so.

And seems to be her hobby to do so. It is rare to see her photos with dull lips.

Another unknown fact to many is that Betty does not shy away from eating or handling food before cameras and crowds.

Here are some of her moments cooking, serving and eating food stuffs or drinks

Eating KDF Mandazi with Bonoko dei

Eating boiled maize

Cooking chapati

Image result for betty kyallo eating

Drinking tea

In parties with deluxe drinks

Image result for betty kyallo eating

At her salon serving cakes

Image result for betty kyallo eating

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