5 Times When Women Feel Stress, But Shouldn’t

Some everyday situations can cause stress, but many people do not know how to deal with it.

The proof is in the response of more than 500 people surveyed by the Business Insider site, who asked them what situations made them feel more insecure during the day and this is what they said:

Feeling a fraud

Believing that you have a superior position that you do not deserve is one of the main anguishes in the daily life of people. That anxiety you feel every time you report to your boss is called ‘impostor syndrome’ which is the inability to internalize achievements and a frequent fear of being exposed as fraud.

Ask for help

At some point we all need help, but not all of us are willing to ask for it. Remember that asking how something is done or how it can be improved is not a sign of weakness but of strength.

Attend social events

Those meals or events where you know absolutely no one can make anyone nervous, especially because it involves smiling and socializing, even if you don’t feel like it.

Be fired

Did you go on vacation and keep thinking that when you return you will be fired? Not only happens to you, according to the publication, a large majority of respondents confessed to having been ‘tied’ to the phone waiting for any message or negative sign from their bosses instead of enjoying the moment.

Going back to work when you are a mother

Among the recurring thoughts of new moms is how to return to work after a few months out of the workplace. There are still many women who think that they will not get a job because of having a child, however, some recruiters consider it favorable because of the ability to multitask and the ability to resolve conflicts.

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