5 Tips For Recruiting College Students Via Social Media

That, today, in order to profit and achieve the goals, innovation and a lot of talent are needed, everyone knows.

However, who are the young people who bring new ideas? The students and recent graduates. And how to communicate with them? On social networks.

Get to know 5 tips for recruiting university students and recent graduates via social networks:

1- Make the conversation personal

Nobody likes to chat with a logo. Show that you are someone who is behind the hiring and HR. This can be done in a simple way: in the description, include the names of the people who update the account and place their photos somewhere on the page.

Give the people behind the company account some freedom to inject their personality and also some of the company spirit. Humanizing the organization, it will contact new talents more easily.

2- Work with facts

Try not to work with clichés and outdated forms of communication, such as press releases and banners. Put videos of employees explaining what they value in the company where they work. In addition to humanizing the company again, it will be attracting young people better.

3- Offer exclusivity

Offer your followers and fans some exclusivity. Again, they can make a video behind the scenes at the company. Provide something more interesting than just job openings at the company. Google does that. Photos and videos give an accurate sense of the work students are looking for.

4- Add value

Good and talented students are full of opportunities. For the organization to stand out, provide relevant and useful content through social media platforms. You don’t need to produce any concrete content, but you can reproduce a lot of good stuff that is currently on the air, for example.

5- Be aligned with innovation

Using Facebook and Twitter for the company is definitely advantageous. Although they are great communication tools, they have become quite commonplace.

Good students want to work in the most technologically advanced companies. So, consider creating an app for these students, or maybe a QR code, Foursquare, etc. service.

Make sure that your company is seen as innovative and aligned with the news and you will see that there are plenty of great candidates.

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