5 Top Paying Jobs That Requires No College Degree

There are many high paying jobs that do not require a college degree and here in this article we will discuss about 5 of the top paying jobs. But it is also important you know that having a degree would give you access to many jobs without restrictions.

  1. Purchasing Agents, Except Wholesale, Retail and Farm Products

The least degree required to do this job is a high school diploma or its equivalent. The nature of the job is to purchase machinery, tools, parts, equipment, supplies or render services necessary for the establishment operation. You do not need any working experience and you could earn up to $58,760.

  1. Computer Network Support Specialists

he major work of a computer network support specialist is to analyze, test, evaluate, troubleshoot the existing network systems such as LAN (local area network), WAN (wide area network) and the internet systems or better still a segment of a network system. There is no on-the-job training involved. They earn up to $59,090 yearly and you only need an associate degree.

  1. Engineering Technicians Except Drafters

The job description is to solve technical problems and to also help the engineers and scientists to carry out research and development. There is no on-the-job training involved, but an associate degree is very essential. They earn up to $59,440 annually.

  1. First-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers

The major work is direct supervision and coordination activities of construction or extraction workers. A first line supervisor may earn up to $59,700 yearly, but a high school diploma or its equivalent is very important with five years working experience.

  1. Artists and Related Workers

It requires a long term on-the-job training with a high school diploma or is equivalent requirement. They earn about $59,840 annually and you can start the job without any working experience.

This is to let you know that even without a college degree you can still get a high paying job. The world is growing fast into an advanced and technological world. The revolutionary era has created a room for change which anyone can benefit from. Normally, getting a bachelor’s degree is the best path to getting a stable job that gives liveable income, but it is not every high paying job that needs a four year college education.

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