5 Tricks To Make A Man Look For You

We know you’re dying for him to be your partner.

If you want a man to look for you, you are reading the right article. Take note !.

Do not seem needy

Maybe you have not realized that you are giving the wrong impression, even if it is not your intention.

They love to feel like they got a trophy when they are the ones that conquer the woman they have next, if, on the other hand, they put the easy way, maybe it’s the reason why they’re not so attracted.

So stop sending hints in social networks, where you tell him how much you would like to be with him, because he does not even interpret it as such. It rather shows what you really are: a woman who shines for independence, successful and complete.

Make it clear that you do not need anyone to get ahead and that you are ready to share your life with a man, but not anyone. Single does not mean without options.

Generate connection

In addition to the physical, which initially matters, the key in a relationship is the emotional connection; For example, you do not care that the man you like is not even a movie lover, there is something beyond that that makes you feel attracted to him.

Maybe his work, his interests, his taste for music or cinema, the options are several.

So try to show him that you are an interesting and intelligent girl, apart from pretty.

Maybe you can try chatting about their musical tastes and exchanging their favorite songs; I assure you that as the days go by they will have not only a topic of conversation, but an important link.


We know that the important thing is the feelings, but the truth is that the physical is the first hook in the game of attraction.

So you should take care to take care of your physique, go to the gym, practice the running. Although it sounds like a joke they love sports girls, so you should focus on this type of activities which are part of your lifestyle. Wear very nice clothes to train, he will go crazy when he sees you in shorts and T-shirt, it’s real!

Close the circle paying attention to your hair, your skin, your nails.

The better you sit, the more security you will project and your charm will be overwhelming.

Although it sounds old-fashioned, give yourself to respect.

We know that we are in the middle of the liberation of women, but for them a woman who takes care of certain behaviors is much more attractive.

We return to the same thing, make it difficult, do not give in to sex on the first date, because he might think that you are an easy girl.


If you have the opportunity to talk to him, flirt without exaggerating. Smile, shake your hair, behave as beautiful as possible.

If you talk to him, try to generate a little physical contact, maybe a light touch on his shoulder or if you have a chance, say something in his ear.

Make it clear that there are other guys interested in you

The reality is that the girls have several admirers behind her, for sure it is your case, so let him see it, although you must be careful how you handle this situation


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