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5 Types Of Entrepreneurs Found In Kenya

What type of an entrepreneur are you, or what type of an entrepreneur are you looking to be?

If you might not have an answer, do not worry, the below types will shine light on you.

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1. Ideator

Why do you undertake ?: You have one or many innovative business ideas. You want to hit the jump at all costs and see the ideas come true.

Characteristics: Dreamy, creative, outgoing and ready to go wrong. You have good interpersonal relationships, which serves to generate alliances.

Caution: You can face feasibility problems if you do not have the knowledge or experience necessary to execute your project, or if the idea has a technological or market risk. We suggest consulting experts, investigating solutions that currently exist and applying the Jump methodology to develop a concrete plan that allows you to take ideas into practice.

2. Explorer

Why do you undertake ?: You want to prove what it is like to undertake, take your first leap, acquire experience and learn.

Features: Curious, applied, eager to learn. You are not clear if the venture is your thing, but you risk to know the experience and learn the process, then apply this in other instances.

Care: The lack of concretion. If you are looking for “emprendizaje” (“learning to undertake”) it is important that you materialize the projects once you have validated the assumptions and really try what is to undertake. To this entrepreneur we suggest you keep in mind that in addition to learning from the process, you must be able to capture customers, generate sales and continue with the following steps for the project to scale.

3. Researcher

Why do you undertake ?: You have developed specific research or knowledge that can lead to a product or service. You develop in a laboratory environment and you need to incorporate new skills.

Characteristics: Systematic and objective. You handle the technical concepts and procedures very well in an academic and research context. Maybe you get into the scientific world, or you work, study or research in other areas.

Caution: Do not use too technical terms, even when you have to convince potential clients or investors. We know that you manage your area, but it is important that you translate scientific concepts into words that are simpler and understandable to everyone. Otherwise, you are likely to have problems communicating your project. We also recommend developing your trading skills – because you are probably trained to research or experiment – but not to sell the result of the job.

4. Hero

Why do you undertake ?: You want to change the world by giving solution to a major problem of society. You seek to be an agent of change and you are a high impact entrepreneur.

Characteristics: Persistent, with clear objectives and a social role deeply rooted. You think big and do not expect institutions to solve the problem, but you take charge.

Caution: Check the income model of your project and make sure it is sustainable over time. To realize a project of high impact you must take into account that you must execute it of little, and soon to scale it.

5. Hunter

Why undertake ?: You want to generate your own income, taking advantage of the business opportunities you are constantly looking for.

Features: Observer, intuitive, searching and attentive to new business opportunities. You have ambitious goals in the short term and you are willing to do everything you need to achieve them.

Care: Manage your impatience. Entrepreneurs, especially the first ones, have a high probability of risk, so you must be persistent, and keep track of your motivations and abilities. It is fine to pursue your goals, but you must cultivate your interests.

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