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5 Ways In Which Facebook Can Ruin Your Day

Since Facebook exists, interpersonal relationships have changed radically. In the future, students of sociology and anthropology will make a mark before and after the era of Facebook and all its derivatives.

But this radical change in our way of communicating also involves certain drawbacks, just as it opens many doors to us it also gives us some headaches and today we have decided to laugh at 5

  1. Your ex’s new girlfriend

You’re happy with life, scrolling down while you think about your happy weekend with your happy friends when suddenly you run into that status you’ve been dreading for months

No matter your current sentimental situation, it does not matter how the relationship ended, it does not matter if you already surpassed it or you still sink in a sea of ​​tears, see the picture of the new bride always creeps, and always forces you to a reflection. And to a cut, in passing

  1. Labor gossip

We always have a company that does not have prudence on Facebook , that girl who rails against her bosses or her coworkers without caring (or without realizing) that they can read your comments

And so ends up finding out about romances, smells, increases , layoffs and lots of things you should not know on Facebook.

  1. Good news from bad people

I firmly believe that there are no bad people in this life, there are only people who make wrong decisions.

Having said that, we all have certain people who, although we do not wish them ill, would not bother to think that they always walk under a cloud of rain.

And find out that these little people are CEOs of a company or won the National Award ,well, this news does not always fall in grace.

And of course, we are all good people who feel an angry butterfly inside and then we think about karma and we wish them the best of the world, even if they do not deserve it.

Here enter news of rings, babies, loss of kilos, promotions, new jobs, new cars, trips, boyfriends … in general, everything that is considered success for others.

  1. Depressing news

Facebook not only provides us with information about our acquaintances,it also works to share media content in which the news is not usually the most positive.

Dawn with kidnappings, child abuse, figures about women, etc., etc. It gives a headache to anyone.

  1. Change your profile

I do not know if it happens to everyone but every time Facebook changes the way I present my profile, I do not hate the changes, I hate the changes in Facebook, especially when part of their new version includes the constant question of ” What is your sentimental situation? ”




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