7 Keys To Happiness

We share some of the keys to be happy, which have been based on surveys and field studies on the components and characteristics that allow you to live happily.

1.- Do some exercise.

We already know that when we perform physical activities we produce endorphins, hormones that cause positive moods. So doing some exercise during the day will make you feel happier.

2.- Breakfast.

Although you do not believe this point in one of the most forgotten by people during your day, either due to lack of time or desire.

However, studies have shown that it is the most important food of the day, it provides the energy to perform the activities.

3.- Be assertive.

Ask what you want and say what you think, this way you improve your self-esteem and therefore increase your happiness.

4.- Face your challenges.

Do the activities you have pending as soon as possible, because the more you postpone something you know you have to do, the more anxiety and tension you generate, scientifically proven.

5.- Musicalize your life.

Listening to the music that you like best awakens the desire to sing and dance, inevitably it is a chain reaction to feel happy.

6.- Eat properly.

The foods you eat have a significant impact on your mood. Eat something light every three or four hours to maintain stable glucose levels, is the most recommended.

7.- Arrange yourself and feel attractive.

The physical aspect and its positive reflection is something that will undoubtedly make you feel happier if you have paid enough attention to it, 41% of people say that they feel happier when they think it looks good.

Remember! To achieve a positive change in your attitude you must apply the keys to be happy that greater satisfactions generate you, each person is different if you do not work the same things do not get frustrated, just change them. And to you, what makes you happy?



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