5 Ways To Get An Internship In Kenya

Finding an internship in Kenya can be such a hustle. With increased rampant nepotism, a stagnating economy, and record high corruption many students find it hard to secure a place for internship leave alone a job after graduation. Though an internship is a key requirement before completion of any course, most students end up wasted and almost giving up on ever securing a chance. While this is the case, students equally bear the blame. Thousands miss internships because of lack of good guidance on the best way forward. So, where do they go wrong and what should they do? Here are 5 best ways to get an internship in Kenya:]

Consult your department

The head of your department and other people working in the department have links to companies, parastatals and organisation. Get tips from your lecturers, Heads of departments and career on the way to go.

Apply for Internships

No internship opportunity will ever look for you. Go for it. Your career dream can only be valid if you put interest into action. Send/drop your application to your target organizations for consideration. Market yourself well and convince the company that they need you.

Present yourself and talk to HR

Make an effort of visiting your preferred organisations. By visiting, you will have proved your availability, interest, and willingness to work. Carry your updated resume and copies of your certificates and testimonials. Have determination and defend your case wholeheartedly for no one knows your ability more than you do.

Visit Jobsites

Familiarise yourself with job websites and search for internship posted on the website. Make application and visit the employers if they are accessible. Sites to consider include Career Point Kenya, News Jobs Kenya, Brighter Monday, and Kenya Moja among others.

Have a career network

Connect with people who matter and add value to your career. Seek advice from your peers, alumni and mentors. Start developing rapport with professionals in your line of career before you leave campus. Today, life is shifting towards whom you know and not what you know. Let these people know your course, level of study and your best skills. This will be handy whenever an opportunity arises.

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