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5 Ways To Wear A Blazer And Look Fabulous This Christmas Festive

The blazer is a garment that should not be missing in a woman’s closet, as they help give an elegant or sensual touch to any look.

And, you can take it in various ways, for example, for a formal outfit, using it with tailor pants and cute accessories will make you feel the place.

It will also help women make their outfit look sensual, everything is in the pieces you use to get the results you want. To help you with this, here are some alternatives.

How to dress

This is one of the most popular styles of the year. In fact, many models have already started using it in such a sensual and elegant way.

1. Wearing a bracelet under

Doing this will make your outfit look sexy without showing much. You can opt for that option for a night event or maybe a dinner.

2. Biker shorts

While it is a trend that not all women are encouraged to follow because they may not know what to combine it with, doing so with a blazer and slippers will make you look fantastic.

3. Above the shoulders

This alternative is very common among models, since many feel it is more comfortable and practical.

4. With a strap

This way you will mark your waist, so if you want that area to look small this option is a good trick to get it.

5. Oversize

To get this style you need to buy the larger size blazer or maybe tell your boy to lend you his. You will be warm and elegant.

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