5 Ways To Win A Shy Woman

You must know that there are women who are really shy and others who pretend to be, since there are those who do not like to be conquered as or see them as very personal and that makes them be somewhat withdrawn although inside they are full of big surprises

Here are 5 ways to win them easily


If that’s the girl you want, remember that the first thing you should know is that conquest is slow, you have a harder time analyzing the situation, they become more analytical or calculating, this is why you should do them one step at a time.


Show yourself before her as a person worthy of your company, give her confidence, make her feel safe being with you, maybe there are men who are difficult and the first say bye, but maybe you are signaling your speech, dress or act that instead of trust they come to feel some fear being close.


Here comes the intimate aspect, it is true that everyone needs those moments, but do not show yourself so interested or disclose what is your intention before her, this type of women do not like to feel easy and it is for the same reason that sometimes they do not show interest in that type of talks, but even if you are looking for something formal, do not jump at the first, give signs of being interested in it but subtly.


Good humor is basic in the plan of conquest and there is no better satisfaction than making a shy woman laugh, they tend to be uninhibited by a man who makes them smile with their jokes, but do not be at all times since Sometimes You feel sorry for certain comments, you have to know what to say at the moment when you are with her and with certain people around.


Many times actions say more than words, as in the shyness comes the little speech is good to use body language to express your interest or that is not indifferent, take certain positions, speak with more gestures and clear manifestations of affection like a hug a farewell greeting will stay in her memory and she will surely remember you.

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