5 Ways Women Fall In Love

While they say that love is a friendship set on fire, and women who do not ask anything from their men deserve everything, love has been defined in many forms.

But one thing remains clear, the only people who know the true meaning of the four lettered word are the two in love birds, who can express, feel and enjoy it at their pleasure.

A man who falls in love with a woman but does not fathom easily whether the woman is responding positively or negatively, here are few facts and ways about how women fall in love.

1.A woman needs to get to you by spending a good amount time with you, if not many times, it is all the time

2.She needs to know the man is intelligent and his get his views about varied topics

3.A woman needs to know the man is able, reliable and responsible

4.She also needs to know that she can be herself around

5.She needs to know that a man listens and that he can be good at different divergent conversions

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