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5 Ways You Are Damaging Your Brain In 2022

In todays modern society, it is very easy to forget about our health and well being since we are blinded by our very own twchnology

And one of the most important human organ which is silently affected with tech innovation is our brain.

Here is how to avoid it.

Staying in the dark for too long.

Not getting enough natural sunlight can make you depressed, and this can be damaging to your brain. Without sunlight, the brain has no melatonin. And this makes you sleep deprived.

Reading too much negative news.

It triggers the amygdala – the part of the brain that notices the negative before the positive. Leaving you depressed and anxious in the long term.

Social isolation. Studies have shown that chronic social stress like isolation, causes stress responses in the brain, making you more prone to stroke

Too much screen time.

We’re all guilty of this. But too much screen time damages both grey and white matter in various parts of the brain. Such as the frontal lobe that makes higher order thinking and processing happens. So learn to take breaks.

Sedentary Lifestyle

The exercise culture is increasing because we’re moving less. This isn’t what we were created for. Studies show that exercise produces growth-promoting hormones. So you stunt your brain’s development when you don’t exercise often.

Poor sleeping habits

Sleeping too little or too much is bad for you. Not getting enough sleep affects your long-term memory. Sleeping with covers over your head disrupts the oxygen flow between your brain and body.

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