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6 Benefits Of Jealousy For Couples

The jealousy is a normal feeling in couples, in appropriate doses may benefit ratio.

The key is to learn to control jealousy so that it does not become a sick and insecure problem.

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 Do you want to know its benefits?

  1. Through jealousy the commitment of the couple is communicated. According to a study from the University of Arizona this feeling of discomfort indicates if your relationship is ready to formalize.
  2. People are flattered when their attention is disputed and when they “fight” for it.
  3. With jealousy you can know who your partner really is, if she apologizes for having bothered you when flirting with someone else you can count on her support; If you ignore you outright and does not care, it is a sign of lack of interest.
  4. For couples who have a long relationship, jealousy helps ignite the passion, which translates into more intense sex.
  5. The jealousy depends on the nature of their marriage, when the ratio is more passionate and feared to sexual infidelity, on the other hand, when there are strong emotional ties are fears for breaking them.
  6. Learn to control jealousy, allows you to better manage your emotions and therefore your decisions.

Giving and receiving small doses of jealousy can benefit your relationship, but do not forget that the key is how you communicate these feelings. Good luck!

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