6 Lifeline Tools Every Young Entrepreneur Should Poses

Being in business is not a easy task but in the end of the day one will enjoy its fruits. As an entrepreneur you need 6 things to ensure the business is running effectively.


1. Capital

Every business needs capital for it to start and run effectively. As an entrepreneur you need money not only to buy stock but also for rent, tax and other business expenditure. If one can meet them without depending on the sales, the firm is healthy because you don’t know whether you will make a profit or a loss. These are known as fixed costs which have to be met no matter what.

2. Good Cash Flow Management Skills

It’s very important to know how to control finances as an entrepreneur.  You should never make drawings from the capital for personal use. That money is not yours, it’s for your business! You need to treat it as person. When you take a portion of the capital you will be doing injustice to the business.

Also when the business makes a huge profit, take a pie and retain it because no one knows about tomorrow, the business might go on a loss.

3. Labour

Every business needs labour to exploit. Without employees, there will be no production which will result to a loss! Labour is one of the vital aspects entrepreneurs should consider when starting a firm because he or she can’t do all the duties alone.

4. Suppliers

Suppliers are another bunch of people who play a vital role in a business. They provide the business with raw materials to make the final product.

5. Marketing Strategy

Every business owner needs to have a strategy to market his or her brand. You need to convince the customers why should they buy from you. You should know which platform suits you best, whether it’s Above-The-Line or Below-The-Line promotion.

6. Market

You need a specific market to target your products or services. Without it, there will be no business at all. Make sure you meet its needs and you will be smiling.

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