6 Mistakes You Should Not Make When You Quit A Job

The way we leave a job is very important. It is necessary to plan the exit.

Here are ways not to exit your current job

Do not leave your boss and colleagues with work halfway

For these cases it is best to complete all current tasks. If possible, train your replacement a few weeks in advance so that he can learn and monitor how he performs his tasks.

Give them some time

In addition to training your replacement, you also have to give them time to find and hire him. Leaving overnight is unkind. Between two weeks and one month is a reasonable period of time to begin a hiring process.

Your exit interview

Before leaving the job, there are several companies that ask for an interview so that you can talk about your experience of working with them. Although they promise that the talk will be private, it is not convenient to be totally honest.

You will likely need your boss for future job references. Talk about the things that bother you, but not the strongest.

Be politically correct and talk about things that could be improved. Establish professional feedback.

Thank others

Daniel Kahneman, winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics, showed that people remember experiences by how they ended.

Consider writing an email or letter to your boss and coworkers, saying goodbye and talking about how they positively impacted you while you were with them.

Prepare for uncertainty

Even when you leave the company you’re in because you didn’t like it, you should prepare for the next step. You will get to know other people, another environment and new tasks. Not everything will be “honey on flakes”.

A new routine and companions

It is like the start of classes in a new school. In the old company you knew where you were and you knew your colleagues. In the new office you will have to find your new place in the social dynamics that you establish.

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