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6 Reasons Why Men Divorce, According To Marriage Counselors

While most marriages can be recovered from short periods of unhappiness and lack of communication, constant conflicts can lead to resentment.

African couple having relationship problems, Cape Town, South Africa

Here are the 6 most common reasons why men leave their marriages according to marriage counsellors.

  1. They do not feel appreciated.
  2. They do not agree with their wives in financial decisions. Many spouses feel that their wives never thank them and spend all their money.
  3. Someone was unfaithful. If a man leaves his wife because of infidelity, it was unlikely that they had a happy marriage.
  4. They no longer have anything in common with their wives. People change, it is important to grow together and not separately.
  5. They feel incompetent. They feel that nothing they are right.
  6. They have no sex life. When a man no longer has sex with his partner, I have felt that he is no longer attractive.


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