6 Red Flags Daddy Owen Ignored While Marrying Ex Wife Farida Wambui

Kenyan popular gospel musician Daddy Owen (Owen Mwatia) was dumped by his wife Farida Wambui.

Romours started way off during the eve days of December in 2020, but later became quite strong in 2021.

As of January 2021 second week, it was crystal clear that Daddy Owen and Farida’s love was no more.

We look at some facts that Daddy Owen ignored and costed their loved with Farida Owen.

1.Bad relationship with in-laws family

Farida’s parents refused the marriage between Daddy Owen and Farida, and even refused to arrange Kikuyu wedding known as Ruracio.

Besides Farida’s parents refused to honour and attend an invite only celebrity wedding.

From the word go, Owen never saw this as a red flag, and four years later, their love went into shambles .

It is now believed that Farida has moved on with a rich tycoon who owns a Range Rover car


It should be noted that Farida is older than Daddy Owen, and poor management of this indifference in age between couples will spill fire in marriage


 Wambui holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Nairobi and a Masters in Marketing and Strategy from Daystar while Owen never went past Eshisiru Secondary school in Kakamega.

It is a risky situation when a marriage is formed upon a well educated woman than the man.

It is possible to succeed but remains so to be well managed.


Going into their marriage four years ago, Farida came along into the marriage with a son from her previous relationship .

This is a difficult situation, but as a man who loves to keep the marriage, you have to love your wife’s son for the marriage to sail through

5.Social Class

Farida was brought up from a family with a good social background, while Daddy Owen is a street kid who only survived as a kid hoping from one trash bin to another.

Such a huge social class could not be easily ignored

6.Difference culture

Owen being born in a Luhya culture while Farida a Kikuyu, it was a great culture difference in marriage bearing in mind that such families would not easily share a common culture.

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