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6 Signs Of Social Media Addiction

How much time do you spend on twitter or Facebook? The addiction to networks social may go unnoticed by those who enjoy using these tools. The WHO indicates that one in four people suffers from conduct disorders related to this problem.

For this reason, the University of Bergen, in Norway, has created a scale to measure this type of problem and prevent in time the social isolation of those affected who register loss of control, abandonment of their activities or withdrawal syndrome.

According to research by the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen in collaboration with the Bergen Clinics Foundation , a scale was created where six signs were identified that identify addiction to social networks, specifically Facebook.

Get to know them!

The Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale is based on six basic criteria to identify people who cannot live without social media.

  1. Spend a lot of time thinking about the networks social Facebook
  2. Feeling a need to use the social network at all times
  3. Use the social network to forget about personal or work problems
  4. Failure in the attempt to reduce the use of the social network
  5. Feeling restless and anxious to use the social network , especially when it is prohibited
  6. Negative impacts on work, student or personal life by using social networks

The psychologist ensures that having at least four of the above characteristics is a very clear indicator that you need help to reduce addiction to social networks .

In addition, it details that addiction to social networks occurs more frequently in young people or in people who are insecure and anxious, especially in women, while organized and ambitious people have less risk of suffering from it.

To avoid this problem, keep a check on your browsing time on the Internet and use it only when necessary, either to improve your activities or to enjoy just a few minutes of leisure, without excess. And you, how do you optimize your time on the internet?

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