6 Simple Kenyan Weddings In 2020 That Didn’t Deserve To Go Viral

Despite being the first year of a big pandemic attack in modern world, 2020 COVID-19 raved year did not stop major events especially weddings.

However, we have some simple Kenyan weddings that wrongly went viral for reasons not known when it comes to love.

One thing that stands out in love, is the fact that it is blind to any form of discrimination.

We look at some weddings in 2020 that went viral for wrong reasons .

Mr and Mrs. Mwangi

These unique couples were introduced to us by popular tour firm Bonfire Adventures through a post asking for honeymoon destination.

Join me in congratulating Mr and Mrs. Mwangi for their wedding. As you know Bonfire Adventures, we are the kings and queens of Romance, honeymoons and anniversaries, Waende wapi honeymoon with?

What captured the eyes of many is the giant bride with a petite looking groom.

Even though the female dwarfed over the man, their love stood all the tests to be successful


Canadian couple

It is believed that an African wife abandoned his poor husband with 7 kids because of poverty.

Then a Canadian tourist fell in love with the man, married him and adopted all the kids. They are now living happily in Canada.

Akorino wedding

In 2020, Kenyan doctor based in USA Dr. David Wachira and and his lover Cecilie Olaussen sealed their marriage officially through a public wedding in US.

The photos of the two which reached Kenyan social media in the third week of June 2020 were nothing less than a true meaning of love is blind.

Dr. Wachira, being born in a Akorino family religion, broke all the bonds of trdition and religion to marry a woman of white decent.

Akorino culture in Kenya are one of the most reserved and secluded traditional religion which adheres strongly to their values and virtues.

The followers, in general are supposed not to marry outside the Akorino movement or rather get married out.


Guardian Angel

Kenyan gospel artist, Guardian Angel, declared on the first weekend of November 2020 that he had found new lease of love in 50-year-old lady, Esther Musila Ngenyi .

Despite being a mother of three kids, Esther Musila still has a sexy body and cuteness overload.

Here are some quick facts about Guardian Angel .

  1. He was born in 1989 as Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka
  2. As of 2020, he was just 31 years old when he got engaged to Esther Musila
  3. His popular songs include Nadeka, Glorious, Uskonde, Liweliwe, and Pendo.
  4. His has the worst kind of childhood growth. He was raised by single mum and lived on streets
  5. He was arrested while on streets and jailed as a result
  6. However, he got saved when he was released and began his music career
  7. In 2011, he was the first Kenyan student to scoop ten awards in National High School music festivals.
  8. He began rising to Kenyan top chart music after this, he worked on his solo album “living Bread” to be realized early in 2012.
  9. For so long, he has kept his relationship off the public, but not until 2020 in September
  10. He has been working as a brand ambassador of a tour firm known as Eagle Safaris as the brand ambassador. 

Photos of Guardian Angel with sexy bae

Funny Wed

These weddings caught the eyes of Kenyans by surprised based on the unforeseen developments .

On shows a man who sustained serious injuries, but had to honor the wedding.

This one shows couples tied up with a rope, a shocking move indeed.

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