6 Sites To Read Free Books

At times we fail to read because their are no books that interests us to read.

However as the saying goes, there is no best reason one can give for not reading.

Here are six online sites with free books for reading

1. Google Play 

Google Play has a wide variety of titles, you can download them for a small fee or use the search engine to find free books in the language you want, if you want to search for novels, or poetry books or books by a particular author, you only have to put it in the search engine and then once it gives you the result choose the free option to see the results. 

2. House of the book 

The Casa del Libro has a section where you can find and download e-Books for free

3. Public Domain  is a website that aims to disseminate all works of Public Domain. By ominio Public is understood the situation literary expiry of the period of protection of copyright works remain. 

4.IBOOK Store 

In the Apple  iBook Store you can also find free books, to access them you can do it from iTunes.

5. 24Simbols 

24Simbols   is one of the favorites for users of pages of this type, I advise you to try it.


Wikisource   is a library based on the principles of Public Domain that we have mentioned before and has a wide variety of books among which you can choose the one you like the most. 

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