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6 Things Every Woman Wants On Valentine’s Day

A day loved and cherished by many women and dreaded by men. Women can’t wait for Valentines day to come because it means a surprise gift or trip is on the way. She will basically practice on her ‘surprise look’!

Men dread this day because they pity their wallets and creativity (or is it their romantic side).

They find it hard knowing how to treat their ‘sugar pie’ on that day and this makes them frustrated. Well, am here to the rescue. Here are 5 things that every woman wants on Valentine’s day.


Flowers are every woman’s best friend. (unless she is allergic or comes from the deep country side). Every woman expects her man to buy her flowers on Valentine’s day and dare you fail, then you will be met by cold, dead looks. A woman was created very uniquely and thus be careful not to pluck you neighbor’s flowers and present them to her. This is Kenya my bro not a Mexicano setting, she will know and be mad for thinking her cheap. And a WARNING to my Kenyan brothers, please avoid the plastic flowers that some of you are fun of buying which are cheaply perfumed. A woman wants a real rose that will wither.

2. Jewelry

Believe you me almost 98% of women want jewelry on Valentines day. However, first you must take a look at your woman’s taste in jewelry in order to get her the perfect piece. Does she love silver jewelry, or gold coated or bronze? Is she the type that loves the multicolored neck pieces and bracelets?Does she love anklets? What kind of earrings are in her collection? Does she have a nose or a navel ring? after finding all these out, then you will have an easy time picking the best suited jewelry gift for her.

3. Art

Art is beautiful and it brings out the kind of feeling that you want your woman to have on Valentine’s day. Having a portrait made of her or the both of you will be treasured till you death. There’s nothing as romantic and sexy as a man who gets his woman something hand made (not necessarily by him) like a card or painting. This will show that you had her on mind the whole time and didn’t just remember her when your pal did.

4. Massage/Spa day

If you want to get her to smile till you see her molars, take her for a Spa day. let her get manicures and pedicures, facials, massage….i mean the whole package. She will grin the whole day and ensure all her friends hear about it. And make sure you stay with her. That was the whole point!

5. Plan a get away

There are many places that you can take her. Not necessarily out of the country if your wallet ain’t that fat. Why don’t you plan a surprise trip to a nice place in a different county and let her feel the love.

6. A photo-video

Do you want your darling to drop that tear of love? Then try and make a photo-video of all your memories together.

This can be quite cheap as you can use your smart phone. Photo grid is one way to go about it.

These are but  a few things that you can get her. There are many more things such as chocolates, make-up kits etc that you can get her and ways you can ignite that flame of love on Valentine’s day with your sweetheart. After all, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor

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