6 Tips To Make Your Hair Look Awesome

We all want to have a healthy and strong hair without having to invest a lot of money in products or a lot of time to take care of it. How to do it?

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How to boast of having healthy hair inside and out? Attentive to the best tips to take care of your hair that we are going to give you, you will wear mane like the famous ones with hardly any effort.

  1. Do not use too much shampoo. It is quite common to think that the more shampoo you use the cleaner your hair will be, but the truth is that using shampoo more will only make it look dry and darker than normal. With a minimum size as the size of a spoon will be more than enough.2. Hair wash. If you have greasy or dry hair, it is best to wash your hair one day and another or not, or every third day in winter. If you see that you need to wash it more often, let it rest for at least one day in between.

    3. Comb your hair twice a day. Do not leave a whole day without combing, or pass the brush every time, only you will get that you fall more because you encourage it to break.

    4 Watch out for queues. Did you know that experts say that very tight pigtails cause premature hair loss? If you do not like to wear your hair down, maybe you should be thinking about a change of look.

    5. Dry your hair with a towel. Abusing the dryer also damages the hair; Once you have washed it, put a towel in a gentle way for at least 5 minutes, you will remove the excess moisture and with a touch of dryer you will be ready.

    6. Cut the ends. It should be done at least once a month, especially if you want to wear long hair. This way you will make your hair healthy and strong without any deterioration.



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