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6 Ways To Teach Juniors On How To Become Entrepreneurs

In times of crisis it is important that the little ones in the house understand little by little the value of things in the world.

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So, as they grow, they will realize the importance of good finances.

1. Start by teaching them in a didactic way or through games like monopoly, the world of numbers and the exchange of buying and selling properties.

2. If you give them money to buy sweets, breakfast or the allowance let them know that they should first compare prices and ask the amount of what they can buy.

3. It is important that you understand the difference between needs and desires, so that they themselves make a list of priorities.

4. The allowance is a good tool to promote savings, and that it must have a purpose.

5. Children tend to emulate the behavior of parents, so you are your first example, according to what they see of the good management of your finances in your business or in the house will be guided by what you do in those cases .

6. A good initiative to introduce them to the world of savings is through a savings account for their future.



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