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6 Ways To Spend Less On Mobile Data

Mobile data is an inescapable reality. Virtually everyone who has a mobile phone has one with mobile data. However, these can be a headache. The expenses that come from this can weigh on the portfolio.

However, there are always ways to minimize these expenses. Like? The CompareJá.pt team unveils 6 tips that will help you save on these accounts at the end of the month, without affecting their use.

# 1 – Become a “hunter” for hotspots

What are hotspots? They are basically zones defined by the operators where it is possible to access the Internet for free.

# 2 – There are apps that help you manage mobile data

Operators have, in their applications, all the information they need to know in terms of mobile data. If you want to weigh them against information from an “independent” application, consider installing My Data Manager.

# 3 – Turn off push notifications

Do you see those notifications that your phone relentlessly gives? This information consumes your mobile data, do you know? However, many times the mobile phone does this research without giving any news and, however, it is spending mobile data on it. Solution: disable this option.

# 4 – Compare

Telecommunications packages are not all created equal. There are packages with more or less mobile data, with different prices and with / without a loyalty period. Therefore, before hiring a new package it is extremely important to do a market survey.

# 5 – Control the mobile data you spend on Chrome

If you frequently use the Chrome browser, then you should know that it is possible to reduce the use of mobile data. What is going to happen? It will condense images and files that you don’t need and that are consuming mobile data. Like? Just follow this tutorial.

# 6 – Disable automatic video playback on Facebook

It was one of the novelties of Facebook. As you may have noticed, the videos that appear in your feed start playing automatically. And in the future, the same will happen with audio. The problem with this? You are spending more data. Therefore, it is best to disable this function. So you already know, if you want to keep track of what you spend on mobile internet just follow these tips. At the end of the day, just for the mobile data saved your wallet will thank you.

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